Who said skinny is sexier?

Who said skinny is sexier?

When I started my own lingerie business “Pinned-Up Lingerie” about 7 years ago, I had limited funds to import stock. I also only imported sizes from XS to XL thinking “and definitely not knowing” that these are the most popular sizes. I was totally wrong. Its only when we bought Lollipop Lingerie 6 months later that I realized something I wasn’t aware of at all. Together with the website we got some random stock. There was a few plus size items in the range. I updated the website with these not being clued up at all what they would do. I sold all of these items in literally a few days. All of them went quickly and I got numerous enquiries of ladies wanting and demanding more of them, more styles, more variety and way bigger sizes. I was blown away, but soon realized that there was a massive demand for plus size lingerie in South-Africa.


I was thrilled and so excited as I knew I had to explore this new interesting fact. There was a massive gap in the market for Plus size lingerie. I immediately started to find new suppliers. Thing is getting voluptuous lingerie was not easy. The most suppliers did not stock lingerie bigger than 1XL and I was looking for lingerie size 3XL and up.  Eventually I found a reliable supplier with stunning items at reasonable prices. I was ecstatic. I imported a lot knowing I won’t have a problem selling them. And I was right. Sizes 5 and 6XL is my best sellers. Still until today I sell lingerie in this plus size category like hotcakes.

I am so happy about this, not only because I make a killing out of plus size lingerie, but because there are a lot of ladies who really appreciate what I do. Sexy plus size lingerie is very hard to find, and although there are some places stocking them the prices are sky high which isn’t fair as well. Shops think because the sizes are larger they can ask double the price and this is not cool. Yes, of cause the price is a bit higher than the smaller sizes, but certainly not twice the price. I’ve gotten mails, messages and calls from ladies being so thankful to be able to find good quality, reasonable priced, nice wide variety lingerie… eventually! I’ve done fittings with ladies bursting out in tears because for the first time ever they found a beautiful piece of lingerie that fits them nicely. I’ve cried with a lady once who couldn’t help herself but to sob of happiness, when she thought she looked like a goddess and she told me how much it meant to her feeling sexy and gorgeous although she is not small framed. I love this part of my business being able to help woman look and feel amazing. No matter your size or your look, as long as you feel comfortable and good about yourself that is all that matters. A beautiful woman does not need to be small or skinny at all. It’s the way you look after yourself that matters and how much your sexuality shines through your skin. Being hot is mostly about how you carry yourself over. Sexuality is something you either have or don’t have. Size is not even a factor. I’ve met extremely sexy plus size ladies, where I’ve seen ladies wearing size 6 and being so shy and have no self-esteem at all.

Interesting fact… in the 7 years I’ve seen ladies fitting on lingerie… the skinnier they are the worse they think they look in the garments and 80% of them think they can’t pull it off. Where voluptuous ladies usually ooze around my showroom thinking of ways they can make the sexy item work even better. HAHA… I love this! Men really don’t see cellulite or big bums, they see the sexuality that glows through or not, attractiveness is an x-factor, not a size 6 or 8 J


It is time to stop making excuses not to wear a sexy lingerie item for your other half, never thinking you are skinny or pretty enough.


My favorite famous person of all time is Marilyn Monroe. Have you even seen this lady’s curves? WOW… Not a very petite figure at all. She was voluptuous and shaped like an hourglass, she had an amazing body, not toned or even perfectly shaped but so feminine and divine. Ladies we need to embrace our sexy curves and not hide under the duvet covers for our lovers anymore. It’s not fair towards them is it?! They need to see a fire in us to keep them burning as well.


Like Sophia Loren said:

“I’ll rather eat pasta and drink wine, than be a size zero”


And I say YES to that… a romantic evening filled with beautiful music, candle lights, gourmet food, good wine and a sexy lingerie piece as the cherry on top of the desert platter.


Interested in knowing my top Plus Size Sellers please view below.


So this is a demand… Make an Ice-cream Sunday and eat the whip cream off your partner! hehe

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