Role-playing must be one of the most exciting things you can ever do with our partner. This is the top part of fun and excitement when it comes to sexual pleasure if you ask me. I know it is not for everyone but you have to try it out at least once in your life. You don’t have to act the part, but just dressing up is really fun and something different. All of us have fantasies and to dress up is the closest you can get to for-filling these fantasies without stepping over the line. Most men love the school girl outfits. They are my top sellers. This must be because there is something sexy about doing something you are not allowed to do. Also the short skirt, sexy tie-up tops and hot stockings make it so seductive. What about a hot police lady tying you up with hand cuffs for being naughty, or punishing you for doing something against the law? These are all real fantasies. And yes it is so sexy to think a gorgeous kinky maid might be cleaning your house one day. Why not wait for your husband in the kitchen busy cleaning or cooking with a hot french maid outfit? Let your imagination go wild. Think of spontaneous ideas and fun exciting things you can do and say to add on to this role-playing experience. When you buy a dress-up outfit from Lollipop it includes mostly everything except the stockings, which makes it even more real and fun. For example the french maid outfit gets a feather duster as well. Nothing better to calm the nerves like drinking a glass of wine and to get the fun times rolling. This can be a wonderful experience between you and your loved one. Our dress up outfits are unique, different and mostly kinky. Materials from mesh, lace and Lycra are used in most of the dress-up outfits. Please note stockings are never included but can be bought separately. Get yourself some sexy high heels, perfect accessories and a beautiful hair style together with matching make-up and make your partners fantasies come true. Have some serious fun! PS; When the bug bites you will be hooked.