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Its your time to shine! It’s a day every woman dream about since she was a little girl…your wedding day. Your happily ever after. You want this day to be special and memorable. So, you get the perfect venue, book the best photographer, design your ultimate fairytale dress and the works. But then a lot of ladies forget about after the wedding. What about the honeymoon? And the wedding night? You need to have the best, sexiest, prettiest, most feminine items packed in your honeymoon suitcase. Now that you are going to be a wife you must remember to make things interesting and keep the spark alive. Hint; find out before the time what is your fiancés likes and dislikes when it comes to lingerie. His favorite colours, style, look, feel etc. firstly you don’t want to disappoint him when not doing effort. But then secondly you don’t want to scare him away LOL. I think best is to go for items that screams your personality. This is why he is marrying you anyhow isn’t it hehe?!


Get a set for every night. I always say you are only getting married once “we hope” so you must go all out. Going on Honeymoon and celebrating your first night of marriage is a super special occasion and event so you might as well just blow the budget. Here at Lollipop Lingerie we have such beautiful items that is reasonable and affordable so you don’t have an excuse not to have a set for each day. We also have an amazing Bride-2-Be promotional offer. You can buy lingerie items worth R2000 and get free door to door shipping and only pay the low price of R1500.00. This enables you to get a few sexy lingerie items. You also don’t have to choose from the Bridal range only. You can choose from any lingerie sets and styles available on our website as long as you are a bride to be.

Go have a look!

Is white all that? I always say every bride needs to get one or 2 white lingerie items. Its traditional and beautiful. Your husband to be would also expect you to be dressed in white or off-white/cream the first night of your marriage. Of cause this is not a “MUST” but it’s expected and nice. Here at Lollipop we have so many gorgeous white and cream items its almost impossible not to find something you love. Choose something that shows off your personality, your style, your femininity and choose an item that tells him “you are all his forever.” You can always add another white item that is a bit more kinky and hot and wear it later on in the honeymoon.

You have to get something black. Black is a winner! It will always be stunning and classy. Mostly every man loves black. Get yourself a gorgeous black item with sexy garters and some pretty stockings because black is sensual, seductive and stylish. You cant go wrong.

Why not be a bit daring? Take an item in a hot bright or different colourful style. Enjoy some fun especially if you are going to an island destination. Take something in a funky, happy, unique colour. Put a flower in your hair and put on some bright pink lipstick. Be adventurous and cute for once and have some serious fun.

I am an obviously a lingerie lover myself. I like kinky items but I know it is not for everyone. Why not try this out. Even if you only take one kinky and bad outfit. You can always just have a glass or two yummy wine to help with the nerves. Blow him away! Remember we all differ so please don’t scare him off by doing something you know he won’t like, but being a bit kinky and naughty might get his attention and you might just love it feeling like a sex goddess hehe. A hot school girl outfit, body-stockings, teddy or even any vinyl item is perfect for a bad girl look.

Remember no excuse not to have gorgeous thongs and bottoms underneath your clothing. Always be prepared and sexy. We have loads of hot bottoms to choose from. If you want to be seriously adventurous take a crotchless panty to make his desires come true. This is really naughty but loads of fun especially for honeymoon quickies ?

There you go. Don’t forget to buy yourself some sexy bra’s at your local clothing shops. Always match your undies with your outfit men love this. No excuses! Be well groomed and fabulous always. I reckon us woman must keep our men interested so try to keep his attention as men are much more physical and visual. And have fun while being seductive and try to always stay his girlfriend instead of the boring wife. Of cause be loving and caring but always try to keep the spark alive. A wife in the kitchen and a flirt in the bedroom.


Good luck with all the planning of your wedding day and all the best for your marriage. Have fun choosing your sexy goodies at Lollipop Lingerie and please don’t hesitate if you need advice or help. Lots of love; Yolindie (Lollipop Lingerie’s Business Owner) /

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